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    What Is Technical Writing? Importance Of Good Tech Writing

    Mon Oct 22


    Simply defined, technical writing is about taking a veritable peep into the functionalities of a product or service, and textually conveying it to the end-users. Most of us know the functions of a gadget or an automobile, but not all are acquainted with its engineering nuances. Technical writers add – How it works- to the well-known –What it does –aspects of a product. Well, that’s a great service to the laymen and the technically inclined.

    Importance of Good Technical Writing

    Better SEO, More Online Traffic
    The search for good technically written articles is always on at any given moment. If you are able to provide in-depth and qualitative technical information, then you are likely to attract more knowledge seekers. Regular doses of knowledge will enable you to rank top in the search engines.

    Fuels Innovation
    Perhaps now, more than ever before, the adage ‘Change is the Only Constant’ is making its presence felt. Change is palpable. It’s omnipresent, rather obtrusive. With a bat of an eyelid, technologies change and innovations come to the fore. What necessitates this transition is the unending appetite of the end-user who relishes novelty. This provides the impetus for firms to constantly reinvent themselves.

    Nearly two decades back, the cell-phone was akin to an ungainly bulk hanging at the top of the tree. Now, it’s a low hanging fruit up for everyone’s grabs. Had it not been for technical writers, the end-users wouldn’t have acquainted themselves to this gadget. Each and every function that a technical writer extracts from a product becomes the basis for further research, development, and innovation.

    Beats Competition
    Probably these are the times when we are witnessing the economic theory of perfect competition in full-swing. There are many firms in the race to the top. In order to stay ahead of your competitors, it’s essential that the functionality of your product resonates well with the end-user. In fact, a talented engineer or a technician might want to join hands with you if they are able to relate with your technological repertoire.

    And as the name suggests technical writing comes in various forms such as:
    Technical Documents
    Scientific Articles
    White Papers
    Business Plans

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