video content marketing

Video Content Marketing

What appeals is what sells! And if the appeal is beautifully packaged in a dash of motion, it becomes irresistible. We all know that the acceptability of a moving object is much higher than when it’s stagnant. This holds true in the case of products as well.

A netizen on the lookout for an electric shaver would love to watch it going with the grain and against the grain rather than reading the tedious textual description. Ask yourself, isn’t a speeding SUV more buyable than a one pictorially resting in a descriptive catalogue? No wonder, unless a toothbrush swivels through those molars and canines does it look like a germ fighter on a mission!

Believe it or not, emotions rule decisions. Once a consumer is emotionally charged up –yes, we are talking of those instant self-indulgent smiles and nods- the job is as good as done. Videos stimulate these feelings. Also, Google loves videos and prefers a website or article that features video in it.

We understand how influential video content can be, and infuse it as a vital cog in the brand promotion activities. The mediums adopted for the same are:

  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Tumblr
  • Twitter