Multi-Lingual Translation

“Words travel worlds. Translation is the driver.”

– Anna Rusconi

Be it India, or the world, the internet is growing at an insane pace. And to serve diversified clientele, the need for translated and localized versions of the websites has also amplified. It won’t be incorrect to state that a multi-lingual website is an inevitable requirement these days to communicate with your target audience, especially customers with different culture and language. Small or big, businesses now own a multilingual website, which not only helps in capturing new markets, but also builds an emotional connect with wide-ranging customers due to native language content. Further, this also increases the chances of conversion manifold.

Numerous market studies hint that if the website content is in the customer’s native language, it impacts his/her buying decision and probability of a customer making purchases through that website is higher. Also, it helps in creating a bond of trust with the brand or website being presented in native language.

At Express with Words, we try to break the language and cultural barrier via accurate and trustworthy translation of your content. We know poor translations or automated machine translations can cause wrong impression and wide communication gap. Therefore, our translation services are managed by human quality supervisors and translators, who maintain proper scrutiny on the precision level of the translated files.

By going multi-lingual with your website you embrace below benefits:

  • Website is visited by larger volume of visitors,
  • Is one of the easiest ways to grab the attention of larger target audience
  • Convert by chance visitors into loyal consumers.
  • Increased business, diverse penetration

If you opt for multi-lingual translation services, we can assure you:

  • High level of accuracy and quality
  • Industry best competitive rates
  • Translation in more than 50 languages