• What Is Technical Writing? Importance Of Good Tech Writing Today

    July 19, 2018

    Simply defined, technical writing is about taking a veritable peep into the functionalities of a product or service, and textually conveying it to the end-users. Most of us know the functions of a gadget or an automobile,but not all are acquainted with its engineering nuances. Technical writers add – How it works– to the well-known –What it does –aspects of a product. Well, that’s a great service to the laymen and the technically inclined.

    And as the name suggests technical writing comes in various forms such as:

    Technical Documents







    Scientific Articles

    White Papers


    Business Plans

    Importance of Good Technical Writing Today

    Better SEO, More Online Traffic

    The search for good technically written articles is always on at any given moment. If you are able to provide in-depth and qualitative technical information, then you are likely to attract more knowledge seekers. Regular doses of knowledge will enable you to rank top in the search engines.

    Fuels Innovation

    Perhaps now, more than ever before, the adage ‘Change is the Only Constant’ is making its presence felt. Change is palpable. It’s omnipresent, rather obtrusive. With a bat of an eyelid, technologies change and innovations come to the fore. What necessitates this transition is the unending appetite of the end-user who relishes novelty. This provides the impetus for firms to constantly reinvent themselves.

    Nearly two decades back, the cell-phone was akin to an ungainly bulk hanging at the top of the tree. Now, it’s a low hanging fruit up for everyone’s grabs. Had it not been for technical writers, the end-users wouldn’t have acquainted themselves to this gadget. Each and every function that a technical writer extracts from a product becomes the basis for further research, development, and innovation.

    Beats Competition

    Probably these are the times when we are witnessing the economic theory of perfect competition in full-swing. There are many firms in the race to the top. In order to stay ahead of your competitors, it’s essential that the functionality of your product resonates well with the end-user.  In fact, a talented engineer or a technician might want to join hands with you if they are able to relate with your technological repertoire.

  • Multi-lingual Business Websites: A Win-Win Proposition

    July 19, 2018

    Perpetuating the brand in the ever competitive market is what every firm aims for. In this age, where online visibility is the first telling impression, and where consumers are no longer hindered by geographies, multi-lingual websites hold the key to long-lasting buyer and seller bonds.

    Crucially, as the allures of the internet adopt the vernacular mediums, marketers are leaving no stone unturned to communicate to a diverse lot. No wonder, the marketing doyen Zig Ziglar wisecracked: “Don’t be a wandering generality. Be a meaningful specific.” Now let’s take a look at some rewards that it offers.

    Increased Online Traffic

    Wouldn’t it be great if even the non-anglicised internet users repeatedly visit your business website? What this means is a hassle-free fillip to your online presence. In no time, the search engines will prioritise you over the others in your trade.

    Geographies No Bar!

    Sample this; a coffee loving Mesitzo from Colombia searches for Arabian Coffee Beans online. English is not this coffee lover’s forte.  Luckily, the words ‘Arabian Coffee’ typed in the Google Search Box instantly flash results in the vernacular Guarani and Spanish languages too. Well, do we need to say that the coffee seller has won a many a South American heart?

    Reduced Advertising Costs

    A penny saved is a penny earned. By engaging multi-lingual users, business websites facilitate increased advertising at almost no cost. So, if your website doesn’t differentiate between a city dweller and someone from the hinterland, you are a wanderer treading specific routes – without having to shell out those precious pennies on transportation.

    Consumer Loyalty, Competitive Edge

    In these times of immense competition, consumer loyalty is always at stake. Leave a loophole and your competitor will plug it in a jiffy. If you are multi-lingual, your bandwagon will not only appeal to the existent riders, but also entice first-timers. Loyalty is what you earn in the long-run.

    That Personal Touch

    Compassion melts hearts. It fosters bonds and nurtures relationships. This holds true in case of business too. When customers are given that personal touch, they start relishing the experience. The more a buyer feels at home at a business website, higher is the likelihood of revisits. The fondness becomes pervasive.

    More Sales and Better After-Sales

    Needless to say, this is what every firm aspires for; a higher sales trajectory with each passing day. Communicate well and keep your clients satisfied.

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