Digital Media Marketing

Quick facts : 80% of consumers do a lot of online research before making significant purchase decisions | 46% of online users count on social media when making a purchase decision | 60% of all digital advertising goes toward direct response goals | Companies spent, on an average, more than 25% of total marketing budgets on digital | Total spending on Internet advertising is predicted to grow 12.9% next year | The Internet will become the largest medium for advertising by 2016, ahead of TV | Social ad spending has doubled over the past two years | 54% of users don’t click banner ads because they don’t trust them

Gone are the days when a business house or any entrepreneur had to wait for weeks or months to get results after placing an ad in the newspaper or magazine. Now through ‘Digital Media Marketing’ you can get instant result and feedback. On the global platform and in India too, the population is swiftly inclining towards digital marketing.

Especially, the young generation of today is open to adopting various kinds of Social Media Platforms. Sighting this trend, all companies slowly and steadily are marketing their products and services online.

Readership of print magazines and newspapers is on a decline, as more and more customers are spending their time on internet either through mobile phones or computers. Therefore, it’s time for you to go digital. This significant platform is accessible for all types of businesses, small or big, and never out of budget like television or outdoor advertising. Once implemented, it can be measured, as to how effective it has or has not been on the target audience. And most importantly compared with other forms of marketing it is cost effective too.

We are best at offering below services:

Social Media Marketing

  • Complete management of Facebook, Twitter and other social media channels
  • Creative and relevant posts for better user engagement
  • Frequent updates to keep followers connected
  • Content Marketing

  • Newsletter marketing and Broadcast
  • Complete solution for blog writing/management
  • Press Releases


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